Minuscules (When less is more)by Priyanka bhatt

Minuscules by priyanka Bhatt ..This book highlights every aspect of life in the most simple way.The title of the book itself is the main highlight.

The writing style is very simple and well versed.Readers like me who are beginners for poetry can go ahead for this. The writer penned down all emotions of a human very easily with perfect words.

The book is a collection of microtales or poems which were beautifully given to us in such a way that any reader can enjoy it while reading .The human aspects like relationships,emotions,love,hatred,revenge,loss of children,being unwanted,ageing and social issues like rape were also included like tales.

Short and crisp tales makes the reader to enjoy the book while flipping the pages one after another.

The book gives us a soothing effect after a busy day break.

It definitely touches the readers heart by giving pain sometimes and bliss often.

It’s my first poetry book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.I read each and every tale more than one time to get into the real meaning of it.In the whole book ,among all the tales one can relate oneself to any one tale atleast.The tales are such realistic and read worthy.. I really loved the book and writers skill of poetry.


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